DuckFace bar services for special events, are brought to you by 223 and BellBoy, pioneers of the cocktail scene in Israel, bringing cocktails to the field of events. DuckFace was established by the most famous and decorated mixologist in Israel, Ariel Leizgold, who has won countless titles and championships in Israel and abroad. Led by Ariel, our team of bartenders and mixologists have many years of experience in events, bars, restaurants and anywhere that drinks are served with a smile. DuckFace offers a wide range of creative and diverse solutions for enriching your event, building its content and making your day special.




There is nothing quite like an Israeli wedding, which means there’s nothing like an amazing Israeli wedding cocktail bar.

The DuckFace Events team will take care of your every need before and during the big day to make sure that the cocktail bar service at your wedding is special and memorable. We’ll help you to find the perfect drinks for the occasion and our supreme team of bartenders will bring that Tel Aviv magic to your event.

If you want your guests to be blown away with the best cocktails and wedding bar service in Israel, courtesy of the team that brought to you Bellboy and 223, then look no further.

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Is it your birthday? Family Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? Your company’s big annual event? Or are you just having a party because you can?

DuckFace is the ideal mobile bar solution for any party or celebratory event that needs the best bar and cocktail service there is. Our bartenders are just as much fun as our cocktails and our whole focus is bringing the best drinks, with the best service and a whole lot of smiles to your party.

We’re able to cater for any party of any size - just send us an invitation!

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